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Tree Services

Crown Reduction

Designed to reduce the overall size of the tree, crown reduction, also known as crown shaping, is when stems and branches are removed or cutback to reduce the spread or height of a tree. Reducing the overall crown is usually done for cosmetic purposes. However, is also done to remove branches or stems that may be too heavy for the tree.

All of our pruning cuts are taken back to secondary branches to retain the trees natural form and shape.

In mature trees, we remove no more than 30% of the foliage to ensure the tree stays healthy, and keeps a natural look.

Benefits of crown reduction:

> Enhance aesthetics
> Prevent later damage
> Correct unbalanced weight issues
> Ensure healthy re-growth
> Reduce vigorous growth
> No need to “trim” again for 3-4 years

Crown Thinning

Designed to give the tree a less “heavy” look and allow in more light, crown thinning is carried out to reduce the overall weight of the crown. Crown thinning leaves the main branch system untouched, and only removes secondary branches. The overall shape and size of the tree remains unchanged, because we only remove internal branches. The aim is purely to provide more light, remove dead branches or branches that rub or cross.

In mature trees, we remove no more than 30% of the foliage to ensure the tree stays healthy, and keeps a natural look.

Benefits of crown thinning

> Provides more light
> Tree looks less heavy
> Improves health of remaining branches
> Keeps size & shape of tree
> Protects main branches

Crown Lifting

Designed to raise the canopy of the tree to make more space for people, vehicles or buildings, crown lifting is the selective removal of certain branches to “lift” the tree. We use a number of techniques so as not to damage the tree, including reducing the end weight of hanging branches to create lift. We prune and remove lower branches very selectively and carefully so as not to create a tree that is top-heavy.

In mature trees, we remove no more than 30% of the foliage to ensure the tree stays healthy, and keeps a natural look.


> More space under the tree
> Provides more light
> Allow a view
> Enhance aesthetics
> Maintain health of tree

Drop Crotch Pruning

Designed to keep the natural look of the tree, drop-crotch pruning thins and reduces the overall size of the tree. The branches are cut back to a natural crotch or branch rather than cut back to a stub. This means existing branches will act as leaders. It is always preferable to use this pruning technique in preference to topping a tree.

We don’t recommend tree-topping, as it hurts trees. The crop of shoots often seen erupting after topping is because the tree has been stripped of foliage and therefore deprived of food. Topping can cause decay, and make trees look ugly. It is a high-maintenance practice with hidden costs, which could cost you far more in the long run than hiring a qualified arborist.


> Keeps a natural look
> Maintain health of tree
> Remove deadwood
> Reduces chance of storm damage

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning for young trees
We take control of your tree at early stages of development, to help to shape the tree as it grows into maturity. This means you don’t need to prune heavily in future. Pruning early in the tree’s life also helps to prolong its life expectancy. Formative pruning affects the spacing, orientation, shape and size of branches as the tree matures – and therefore encourages the tree to grow into a better shape.

A cut in time saves your tree
Trees do not heal the way people do. When a tree is wounded, it must grow over the wound. This means, the wound is contained within the tree forever. Small cuts do less damage to the tree than large cuts. That is why it is far better to prune trees when they are young. Waiting until a tree is mature to prune it will result in large cuts that the tree cannot easily close. However, give your tree a couple of years to take root and establish itself first.

Be sure to employ a qualified arborist, as poor pruning will cause damage that will last for the life of the tree.

> Gives the tree shape
> Establishes a strong trunk
> Lives longer
> Prune less heavily later
> Prune less often when mature
> Reduces risk of large tree wounds
> Limits weak structural features

Sectional Felling

Beaver Treework are sectional felling and dismantling experts. If you need to remove a tree that’s putting property at risk – even in difficult to access areas – then Beaver Treework specialise in felling or dismantling any tree, no matter how large or dangerous.

Removal of trees in restricted areas
We specialise in removing trees from restricted and difficult to access areas, including trees that overhang buildings or other obstructions. When a tree can’t be felled because of restricted space, we dismantle the tree in sections. We use a number of techniques to do this, including rigging equipment, ropes and cranes to lower each cut section and branch to the ground.

> Remove tree safely
> Without risk to property or people
> Protect plants in garden
> Waste removed from property
> At least 90% of waste recycled

Hedges and Conifers

We offer quality hedge trimming and conifer trimming across Leicestershire and Rutland. Our professional trimming techniques keep your hedges and conifers in great shape, leaving a well maintained and healthy look at great value for money!

> City & Guilds NPTC qualified team
> Professional trimming techniques
> Keeping your hedges and conifers in shape for far longer
> Excellent value for money
> Prompt service
> Clean and tidy team with full respect for your property
> All waste removed

Stump Removal

Beaver Treework offer a specialist tree stump and root removal service. Our stump grinding service mechanically grinds out the main root. The woodchips can be used to fill the hole or we’ll remove the waste for you.

Prices start from just £70 depending on the size, access and difficulty of the job.

Please note that we need minumum access width as below in order to use our specialist machinery. If this isn’t possible please let us know in advance and we will find another way to tackle the job!

*Access required (width) 32 inches (820mm)


> Turf over for easy mowing
> Put down foundations for a property
> Landscape or replant* the garden
> All waste removed from site
> At least 90% of waste recycled

Cable Bracing

If a tree can’t be reduced because it’s protected or it would unbalance the tree, but it is showing signs of weakness or it is in a vulnerable position, such as a public place or near property, we can put in a cable bracing system that can support the crown or act as a safety net if the branch fails.

Modern bracing systems are designed to protect the bark and cambium (the inner layer between the bark and hard wood) needed for sap to reach the canopy.

Tree Planting

Beaver Treework can plant trees and hedge rows of any size….

Difficult access areas and large tree planting are a speciality.

We can also provide advice about what type and size of trees will suit your individual plot or site.

We offer our tree planting service across Leicestershire, Rutland and some surrounding areas.

Tree Surveys BS5837 and Mortgage Reports across Leicestershire and Rutland


We offer tree surveys to BS5837, mortgage reports and tree inspections for insurance purposes across Leicestershire, Rutland and some surrounding areas.

Neighbour Tree Disputes, Conifers and High Hedge Act

Don’t let disputes put you out of pocket!

From time to time neighbours do not see eye to eye about trees.

If you are in dispute with your neighbour about your trees or their trees, we can act as a go-between and give a fresh approach to both parties. You could use the local council to settle the dispute, however be aware that they can charge the complainant between £300 – £500.

You could use this money to split the bill and get the job done properly to the satisfaction of both parties!

We also can offer up to date advice and solutions regarding the High Hedge Act.

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